MLK weekend

Wow what a weekend. I love it when fruits of labor are realized. After much logistical preparations in PSJ and taking the time to search out local partners, we had our first mission groups roll in. Thirty nine students from GA Tech and seven from FSU. The FSU students were a last minute add on requested by our local contact Diana Burkette from CCDF a local non profit. She asked if I minded them hooking up with us. Diana had 5 worksites identified for our weekend crew. Mostly clean up, debris removal and some small repair work.This may seem like trivial work but you have no idea how much junk is still on the ground. This was actually a pivotal time in this community. The state is suspending their debris removal and turning it over to the city and county. I know for a fact that PSJ does not possess the HEAVY equipment that the state has. The dead line is for the end of the month. Everyone is scrambling to get all their debris out to the road sides for the last pick up. After that, not sure what’s gonna happen. I’m sure it will take many, many months maybe years for the municipalities to catch up on the trash. We had a total of 46 volunteers and they were matched up in 4 teams in different locations. PSJ, Simmons Bayou, Mexico Beach, Northport, Jones Homestead and Highland View were the work sites. We were able to the two groups between St. James Episcopal and Oak Grove Assembly. The students worked incredibly hard and truly left an impact on this community. The locals were humbled by this effort. Our shower trailer worked out perfect other than I need to search out a larger discharge container to hold the gray water from showers. I may have a solution. Praise God from whom all blessings flow.

CBF Disaster Response Florida