Church Preparation for Disasters

Regardless of predictions, the reality is each and every individual and family should make some preparations and plans.  Too many times, however, churches forget to do the same.  Please consider the following from National Disaster Inter-faith Network

NDIN Be A Ready Congregation: Disaster Tip Sheets for U.S. Religious Leaders

NDIN has launched its Be A Ready Congregation campaign, to provide all-hazards disaster mitigation education and preparedness best practices and tools to U.S. congregations of all faiths. With spring extreme weather events, predictions for an active hurricane season and National Preparedness Month just a few months a way, there is no time like the present to be a Ready Congregation. In this issue of iNET, NDIN has released its first Be A Ready Congregation tools, "10 Disaster Tip Sheets for U.S. Religious Leaders" covering the following topics:

1.     Disaster Basics for Faith Communities
2.     The Disaster Lifecycle: Where Do Religious Leaders Fit In?
3.     The Role of Faith Communities in Disasters
4.     How to Use Your House of Worship in a Disaster
5.     Disaster Backlash: Bias Crimes & Mitigation
6.     Continuity of Operations Planning
7.     Self-Care for Religious Leaders
8.     Disaster Spiritual Care
9.     Faith Communities & Disaster Mental Health
10.   Trauma Resilience and Harm Reduction in the Community
11.  Faith Communities & Evacuation Planning
12.  Faith Communities & Disaster Sheltering
13.  Faith Communities & Disaster Volunteerism
14.  Faith Communities & Donations Management
15.  National Faith-Based Disaster Service Organizations


Additional Tip Sheets will be added each month. To learn more about NDIN resources and training courses or areas of expertise in consulting, contact via email.