Encuentro Ministries

Encuentro Ministries founded by Revs. Miriam and Carlos Peralta, strives to meet the needs for encouragement of Hispanic pastors. Their ministry reaches far beyond Florida as Carlos is a sought after speaker, preacher, evangelist, teacher and counselor all over Latin America. Recently he has traveled to Chile, Argentina, Honduras, Puerto Rico, Mexico and Puerto Rico. In March 2010 he will be going to Cuba at the invitation of the Baptist World Alliance and the seminary of the Eastern Cuba Baptist Convention.

Encuentro Ministries is a Christian-based non-profit corporation organized in July 2005 to provide pastoral care, skills development/ training, and resources for those (pastors, clergy spouses, para-church ministry leaders, Christian business leaders, lay leaders, and other local church leaders) in ministry with Hispanics.

Care for ministry leaders is designed to offer support and rest. Skills development/training in areas of current ministry topics will challenge ministry leaders to become more effective in their current context. Resources produced by staff, as well as networking leaders to existing resources, will complement an effective leader’s ministry.