To serve and connect churches and individuals in their calling to be the presence of Christ.    


As free and faithful baptized believers and followers of Jesus Christ, we accept His command to go into all the world, taking His message of love and forgiveness to people everywhere.

We affirm that each individual is a priest before God and to each other, able to know and do the will of God. Each person is free to interpret and apply Scripture according to the dictates of his or her own conscience as led by the Holy Spirit and not according to an ecclesiastical creed or human document.

We believe in the local church as a voluntary association of baptized believers. Each church is autonomous and self-governing, choosing for its own servant leadership those who follow the pattern of Christ. These historic distinctives are not peripheral or tangential, but essential to being Baptist.

Our fellowship affirms the principle of unity in diversity, and is inclusive rather than exclusive.

We advocate equality among believers, autonomy of the local church, freedom under God for all to exercise the gifts of the Spirit, and the shared blessings of cooperative ministry. We believe in and stand for free speech, a free press, freedom of the soul, and separation of church and state. We acknowledge the superior office of the Holy Spirit in presiding over the Word, guiding believers as they seek divine truth in its pages.

We seek not to advance the prejudices of any people, the traditions of any institution or nation, nor the influence of any government. Our understanding of God's will is our constant aim. Our only claim is the Cross of Christ, our only purpose is God's will, and our only power is God's love.

Core Values

Under the Lordship of Christ:

  • We follow the Great Commandment (Matthew 22:37-38) and the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20)
  • We affirm Baptist principles as stated in the CBF Florida Purpose Statement
  • We value women and men equally in God’s service
  • We love mercy, strive for justice and respond to human needs
  • We cooperate with the larger faith community
  • We seek to know God more fully in order to become more Christ-like


Guiding Principles

Desiring to be the presence of Christ:

  • We commit to a fellowship where everyone is welcomed, loved, and encouraged in ministry
  • We advocate involvement in missions and evangelism
  • We assist in the development of participants and resources
  • We establish and nurture congregations