Humbled and Hopeful in Uganda

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My life has been forever impacted by the mission trip to Uganda, Africa, that I took through CBF Florida during the first two weeks of March 2018. I often describe my experience to others by stating that I am humbled, but also hopeful by work that is taking place there. My heart was overwhelmed to see the country that has opened its boarders to so many refugees who’ve had to flee their countries due to persecution of many different forms.

The transformational part of my trip was witnessing how the work of Christ is being carried out through the missionaries who represent CBF: Karen Alford, Missy Ward Angala, and Jade and Sheila Acker were all such a joy to be around, and they have inspired me to want to do more as a pastor in the area of mission work with my local congregation. The entire team exemplified the ministry as identified in Matthew 25:35-40, being the hands and feet of Christ.

As stated earlier, I felt (and still feel) humbled and hopeful as a result of this amazing trip. I was humbled seeing the lives and less fortunate conditions of so many in both Kampala and Mbarara, but also hopeful in witnessing first-hand the transformational ministry taking place through CBF’s Missionaries.

I continually promote the work that is happening through the efforts of CBF with my congregation, local pastors and political leaders in my community. I even had the opportunity to share on a local Christian radio station here in Miami, LifeFM 90,9. I was truly blessed to be a part of a phenomenal group, Ray Johnson and Tammy Synder (CBF members), and Julius Francis. I expect to fully participate and partner in some capacity with CBF and its local, national, and global efforts in the future. Thank you, CBF Florida, for allowing me to be a part of this amazing experience!!

Pastor Theo Johnson, III, Th.M.                                                                Senior Pastor                                                                                            Sweet Home Missionary Baptist Church